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Fulcrum takes on the brand new 2021 Isuzu D-MAX

Exciting news! The 2021 Isuzu D-MAX has arrived, and Fulcrum are getting ready to offer it some serious upgrades to ensure your 4WD has the ultimate ride! Last week we got our hands on Shaun from 4WD Action’s brand new 2021 D-MAX to check out the suspension and see what needed improving. Our Research and Development team extensively examined the vehicle and took note of the comparisons between the old D-MAX and the ‘21 D-MAX. As we already offer suspension upgrades and solutions for the old Isuzu D-MAX, we have a good idea on what to look out for. We were very pleased to see many improvements in the ‘21 D-MAX. These improvements include revised front suspension geometry, the upper control arm is longer and mounted much higher in the vehicle. As a result of this change, suspension is much less affected by changes in ride height and suspension downward travel is increased. The front roll bar is revised, with more direct mounting giving more responsive on road handling. We also found the rear springs are now longer with only 2 leaves in the main pack, and soft pads between the leaves. This change will enhance ride comfort and wheel travel over rough terrains. Our R&D team then took measurements of the necessary components to develop the springs and shock absorbers for our upcoming Formula 4x4 lift kit! Measurements were also taken of the rear springs and mounting points on the chassis to develop our SuperPro Greaseable Shackles and Bushes. After examining the vehicle in detail and taking all necessary measurements to begin engineering our Formula 4x4 lift kit, the team then looked at design options for further increasing suspension travel. These options include SuperPro Front Upper Control Arms as the standard arms hold limitations in downward suspension travel,  and front diff relocation components to correct the CV shaft angles. Our R&D team also looked at design options for softer and stiffer SuperPro Roll Control Front Sway Bars and Roll Control Rear Sway Bars. After our Engineering team works through these options and starts designing repair and replacement upgrade solutions for the 2021 Isuzu D-MAX, we will begin testing each solution. All of our products are thoroughly tested at our testing facility and then put through the harshest real-world conditions to ensure your vehicle offers you the best possible results on and off road. Stay tuned for future updates and more information on our upcoming Formula 4x4 Lift Kit and other suspension solutions for the 2021 Isuzu D-MAX!

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