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My wife,Cass and I and our fur baby Oscar are big outdoor fans. We love camping seeing new places and meeting new people... we love the 4WD part of the outdoors and camping, the feeling of freedom you have when you have a capable vehicle to get you to remote places that most don’t get to see, and more so the fun and challenges you have in the 4bie... I’m a panel beater by trade (not done it for a living for near 30years) I have a passion for cars, and the build and customizing of a car is just as fun as driving it... my wife is a receptionist and I‘m in operations at Welltech...

our Cars;

Cass’s Car is a 2015 MUX

small Mods so far,

bullbar, snorkel, awning, winch, throttle controller, minor engine mods, the 3L really screams now, loads more to come....


I have a 92 Ford Mavrick

(best Ford that Ford never made. lol) it’s a bitsa...made by Nissan, motor is a N/A 6.5L Chev Diesel, it’s my daily driver and it’s a good strong reliable car.

Snorkel, 2” lift, 35” tyres, winch, duel cab cut, duel batteries, the list is long, and the to do/wish list is longer...

We joined the club to meet new like minded peeps, go to new places, and share new adventures, and to enjoy our passion with others.

thanks for reading and hope to see all you guys

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