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Here at Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc., we are passionate about the outdoors and the adventures ahead of us!

If your looking for a lifestyle change to a life of enjoying the outdoors and learning new skills as well as making great new friends, you have come to the right place.

"Adventure Begins Here !"


We love every adventure the outdoors can challenge us with.

We are a young club that is rapidly growing due to our passion, drive, and forward thinking. With our strong commitment and diversity, we are pushing our way towards becoming one of the largest 4wd clubs in Western Australia.

Whilst our club is dominated by Isuzu manufactured 4x4 vehicles including rebadged Isuzu's under the guise of Holden's, we are also very welcoming of all different brands of vehicles.

Our club members range from novices starting out in their first 4x4 to those with years of experience. Being part of a 4wd Club means members will receive encouragement and assistance from each other. If you have never been off road this is a great place to begin with the careful guidance, knowledge  and encouragement and passion we will help you become a "Master of the Terrain" so you can enjoy your lifestyle in a enjoyable and safe environment. 


Since our founding in 2019, we have been determined to make an impact within the 4wd and outdoors community. The core of our efforts is to bring our team’s fresh ideas and passion to the range of activities we’re involved in. Through all of our endeavor's we hope to display the conviction behind our beliefs.

We do this by caring for the environments we use by promoting safe & sustainable 4wdriving practices with family, friends and most importantly by having fun. 

Our Club also likes to give back to the environments we like to enjoy so much that we work closely with DBCA, Tending to the Tracks Alliance and many other organizations.


We strongly believe it is pivotal to protect the environments and tracks we use so they remain open so future generations can also enjoy what we love.   

It's not all about 4wdriving we are also about social networking with like-minded people with a passion for adventure!

Day Trips!
Overnight Trips!
Long Weekends!
Extended Trips 3-6 Days!
Long Trips 6 - 4 Week!

Learn how to camp! 

From the Swag to the Caravan we cater with a wide range of diversity to suit all styles!


Learn how to 4wd with us! Our clubs prides itself in catering people of all skill sets from the novice to the veteran 4wdriver!

Setting up you vehicle to suit your newfound lifestyle!

Stock standard vehicles are welcome to join! we cater with trips to suit newcomers to the highly modified touring setups!
Being a member of our club will give you access to lots of advice and access to make setting up your vehicle easier and cheaper through our Club Sponsors & Supporters Program. 

Social Events

It's not all about 4wdriving and camping, we conduct a wide range of different social events.
From Ten Pin Bowling, Snooker Nights, Greyhounds, Motorplex, Shows & Special Events, Zoo's, Museums, Dinners, BBQ's, Movie Nights the list goes on and continues to evolve.

Desert in Dark

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