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Sat, 20 July


Muster: Dunnings Southern Cross Road Hse

FULL - 3 DESERTS TRIP - Extended Trip (25 days) - FULL

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS REACHED. Contact Mark or the club for further details. The club will be undertaking a trip into the Great Victoria Desert (Hanns Track) - Gibson Desert (Sandy Blight Rd) - Little Sandy Desert (Gary Hwy and Tawana Track). Depart 20–Jul-2024 and return home 13-Aug-2024.

FULL - 3 DESERTS TRIP - Extended Trip (25 days) - FULL
FULL - 3 DESERTS TRIP - Extended Trip (25 days) - FULL

Time & Location

20 July 2024, 12:00 pm AWST – 13 Aug 2024, 6:00 pm AWST

Muster: Dunnings Southern Cross Road Hse, Great Eastern Hwy, Southern Cross WA 6426, Australia


About the Event

The maximum number of participants has been reached.  Please contact Mark for further information

The Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. will be traveling East, into the Great Victoria Desert

This event has a limit of club member 6 vehicles.  Refer to the below itinerary for further information! 

This trip is available for officially paid Isuzu Club Members only.

If you are not a member yet now is a great time to join so you can come along!

Sign up and become member and take advantage of 12 months worth of events - Single and Family membership is $120.00 per year. Join Now!

This trip is planned to go into the Great Victoria Desert via the Anne Beadell Hwy, Hanns Track and Connie Sue Hwy. The trip will then go into the Gibson desert via the Sandy Blight Road and the Gary Junction Road before entering the Great Sandy Desert along the Gary Hwy and Talawanna Track.

The plan is to commence Saturday 20-Jul and be back home Tuesday 13-Aug. These dates and the route are subject to change for any reason which may include weather and anything else you can think/dream of.

NOTE - The trip will departure @ 1200hrs from Dunnings Southern Cross Roadhouse

Muster Point: Map to Southern Cross Roadhouse

The trip involves sealed and maintained Hwys and dirt roads as well as unmaintained desert roads and tracks that will be overgrown (scratches) and rough this includs many washouts and corrugations.  Off-road camper trailers

The weather will play a major part in the road/track conditions.

There will be very limited opportunity to shop for food etc after Kalgoorlie (Woolworths/Coles/IGA) so you need to be as fully self-sufficient as possible until arriving in Newman on day 21 (+ an extra 5days just in case). Make sure you have plenty of water as potable water sources will also be very limited. If you intend to purchase alcohol, be aware that there are some strange rules re what/how much you can purchase and some weird opening hours.

Your 4wd will require a sandflag and a fire extinguisher ...and it is a good idea to always have a pair of welding gloves in your 4wd anyway.  It would be good to have a couple of 1L spray bottles filled with water handy.

You will need a fuel range of at least 1600 kms. Fuel is available at Laverton, Warburton, Warakurna, Kintore, Kiwikurra, Parnguur and Newman. Please be aware that some places require cash and others a credit card to operate the pump. Also some may not have fuel which is why you need the fuel range.

Manditory Equipment:

  • Recovery equipment suitable for sandy/mud track travel to be carried
  • Maxtrax (or similar)
  • Long handle shovel.
  • Puncture repair kit
  • Sand Flag (Available for purchase at our meetings)
  • 1 x UHF handset available for each person in the vehicle as there will be a lot of opportunity to go walking during this trip and in this type of country it is easy to get misplaced.  
  • Each vehicle will require a spinifex “blind” and a length of wire suitable for removing spinifex from around your 4WDs exhaust, tailshaft and other places.
  • Food…I will have a BBQ plate for…BBQs.  We will have a couple of nights in the same place during this trip so if you wish to do the camp oven thing you are welcome to do so.  17 days food + 5 days emergency food!
  • If possible, please bring a bag of wood to share out for the first couple of nights.
  • Clothing…whatever you want but try and be fashionable. There will also be the opportunity for walking and exploring so please make sure you have decent shoes (steel cap boots are better) and appropriate clothing.
  • It would be wise to have at least one piece of HiViz clothing to put over whatever you will be wearing…makes it easier for the helicopter to spot you.

NOTE…There is nowhere to wash clothes between leaving home (Saturday 20-Jul) and arriving in Newman CP (around day 19…hopefully).

Weather…For this trip expect warm, cool, cold, cloudy, sunny, windy, calm, dry and wet…if it continues to rain and flood then all bets are off and we will likely be exiting by the quickest route.  There’s a chance that the nights will be cold (freezing…) so make sure you have warm and cosy sleeping stuff.

Timings…The aim will be to have camp set up and enjoying a beer (or whatever) at least 90mins before sunset. That’s the aim. There will be a couple of days where some reasonable distances will need to be travelled and a couple of nights in the same place. Solar, nuclear fusion, angels’ tears, unicorn farts or whatever you need to keep your batteries topped up when not moving will be required.

One thing that may be a factor in packing up our camp each morning is how wet everything will get from the dew and condensation…it may take a while to dry.

There will be permits required and these will be up to each individual to obtain…A list will be supplied by the end of May 2024.

There is a limit of 6 vehicles from club members for this trip.

Spinifex front “blind”…nothing fancy just some shade cloth held on by cable ties.


DAY#                     DAY/DATE               O/NIGHT

1 S                          20-JUL                      BOONDI ROCK # @

2 SU                      21                                 LAVERTON CP  $ # @

3 M                        22                                 YEO HSTD

4 T                         23                                 HANNS TRACK

5 W                       24                                             “

6 TH                     25                                             “

7 F                         26                                            “

8 S                        27                                 CONNIE SUE HWY

9 SU                     28                                 WARBURTON CP $ # @

10 M                     29                                 SANDY BLIGHT RD # @

11 T                       30                                             “

12 W                      31                                             “

13 TH                    01-AUG                      KINTORE CP $ # @

14 F                       02                                 GARY HWY

15 S                       03                                               “ # @

16 SU                    04                                              “

17 M                      05                                 TALAWANNA TRACK

18 T                       06                                              “ # @

19 W                     07                                 NEWMAN CP $ # @

20 TH                   08                                               “

21 F                        09                               MOOLOOGOOL  # @

22 S                       10                                DALGARANGA STN # @

23 SU                    11                                               “

24 M                      12                                MORAWA CP $ # @

25  T                      13                                 HOME  # @

NOTE $ = payment to camp # = fuel available @ = some food may be available








Further information will be available in March 2024 or if you really think you need to know more, please send an SMS to 0429-108-389.


For further information see below -


  • Trip Name: 3 Deserts Trip - Extended 25 day (Members Only)
  • Trip Type: Extended Trip (24 nights/25 days) Saturday 20th July - Tuesday 13th August 2024
  • Trip Difficulty: Difficult
  • Vehicle Suitability: Must have All Terrain Tyres & 4WD and Low-Range.  +80 ltrs fuel carried

Additional Equipment!

  • Damper Blanket
  • Insect Repellent 
  • Spare Air Filter
  • Spare Fan / Engine Belt
  • Spare Fuses
  • Tools

Recomended Extra Equipment:

Spare CV Assembled Shaft. Spare Circlips to suit CV being changed if the kit does not contain.

Zip Ties - Handy for camp setups and emergency repairs recomend purchase of variety of different sizes

Tools to suit your needs

Self Sufficent for camping & cooking - (for more information please visit our FAQ regarding our requirements click here

  • Maximum Vehicles:  Limited to  6 vehicles. Once all RSVP spots are taken you can RSVP to the waitlist for any cancellations. .  
  • National Park Pass Required:  Yes - TBD
  • Camping suitability: Swags, tents & offroad camper trailers
  • Toilets: Long Drop: No - BYO - You are required to bring your own porta loo. It is very unpleasant to see toilet paper blowing around in the wind!!   Toilets can be bought from different camping shops refer below for some useful links
  • Showers: No - BYO - Fresh water availablability is limited.  Please arrive with full water tanks. 
  • Weather: be prepared for cold/ hot – dry/wet conditions. - Fly Nets are recommended the flys can get bad in some areas we will be visiting.
  • Water: Minimum 5 Litres per day per adult we also recommend carrying the same amount per child as a safety measure. (17 days worth of water)
  • Fuel: All attendees must have a full tank of fuel (and full Jerry cans) before the safety briefing.  

  • UHF Radio Information

We will be operating on UHF Channel 65 unless directed differently by a Trip Leader.

All attendees must have a UHF Radio fitted to their vehicle. Trip Leaders will always perform a Radio Check with vehicle before departing. 

Please ensure when returning to your vehicle after the safety briefing you turn your Radio on to the Radio Channel advised and reply to the Radio check when your called on the Radio.

 1 portable UHF Radio per person for bushwalking away from our campsite so you can keep in contact with the campsite in case of an emergency.

  • Trip Safety: 

All attendees are required to have the following - 

Enclosed Footwear

Fire Extinguisher

Torch - preferrable rechargable

Water bottles 1 per person if you plan to go bush walking. *It is recommended to carry a snake bite kit with you*

Insect Repellant. 

Fully functional Jack and tools.

Fully functional Spare Tyre(s). 

Up to date Personal Details Form completed for each person travelling in your vehicle. 

Forms must be kept in the glove box or center console - click Here for the form.- this is in case of emergencies please ensure you fill out all details it could save your life or a family members life travelling with you in the event of a medical emergency.

All medications you are required to take.

Trip Overview - 

Isuzu Club Personal Details Form:

Attendees are advised to please ensure safety/event requirements are followed

  • Follow instructions given by the trip leader, trip leader 2IC / Charlie.
  • Carefully follow all directions given by the trip leader, trip leader 2IC / Charlie.
  • Make sure you arrive early prior to the safety/trip briefing
  • If you are not sure about something or you need assistance please radio call the Trip Leaders or Charlie for assistance
  • To ensure you are familiar with our General Rules & Convoy Procedures  click here

Disclosure -

I acknowledge that different obstacles with varying degrees of difficulty may be present at the event I have registered for.

I understand that there are usually multiple different difficulty options providing the choice of driving the least difficulty, medium difficulty, hard difficulty to the hardest difficulty.

I understand that I am responsible for my own choice of difficulty and I am responsible for ensuring that I only attempt to navigate an obstacle that I believe I have the suitable skill level to do so and that I personally feel comfortable in doing.

I understand that the Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. is supportive of members' decisions but is not responsible for the decisions chosen by members when it comes to their independent choice of track difficulty.

I understand that I must make the most appropriate choice at my own discretion and must understand that I do so at my own risk of any vehicle damage that may occur as a result.

I understand that Trip Leaders and other members of the Association will provide the best possible information & guidance assistance with navigating obstacles of choice.

I understand by registering for this event I do so at my own risk of vehicle damage and understand that I am responsible for any damage that may occur because of participating in events.

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that I have appropriate Insurance coverage for my vehicle and if damage occurs from participating in the event, I will need to either fix the damage to my vehicle at my own expense or lodge an insurance claim with my respective insurance provider.

I understand that my vehicle may get scratched by vegetation whilst navigating tracks at events.

I acknowledge & understand that I am registering for an event that may cause damage to my vehicle and understand that by participating in this event I make no claim for damages to my vehicle and accept that I am personally accountable for any damages that may occur.

If you require further information please email

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