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September or October 2025 TBC


Location is TBD

Wildflower Run (September or October 2025 TBC

The Isuzu Club will be conducting a Wildflower Trip in 2025 (2024 trip is cancelled due to lack of rain = no flowers)

Wildflower  Run (September or October 2025 TBC
Wildflower  Run (September or October 2025 TBC

Time & Location

September or October 2025 TBC

Location is TBD

About the Event

Wildflower Trip

There is a trip in the planning to go and have a look at the wildflowers.

This trip will be happening in either September or October 2025 dates are TBC.

Depending on seasonal rain will determine the location of the trip which could either be North, South, or East of Perth.

As more details become available, they will be added to this event.

This is a members-only trip.

Trip Details -

The Club will be meeting at the TBC at XXXX hrs for the Trip/Safety Briefing.


  • Name of Trip: Wildflowers
  • Trip Type: TBC
  • Trip Difficulty: TBC
  • Vehicle Suitability: TBC
  • UHF Channel: 10
  • Minimum Requirements: Licensed & roadworthy vehicle, UHF Radio either a fixed unit or a handheld unit (5 watts is the recommended wattage for handheld radios), Rated recovery points front and rear of your vehicle or minimum a rated (recovery hitch), 2 x rated bow shackles, 1 x snatch strap & damper blanket, 1 x long-handle shovel, Air Compressor, Tire Deflator, Enough water for 24 hours per occupant. (for more information please visit our FAQ regarding our requirements here
  • Maximum Vehicles: TBC
  • National Park Pass: TBC
  • Trip Start Date: TBC
  • Trip Finish Date: TBC
  • Trip Start Time: TBC hrs
  • Trip Finish Time: TBC
  • Muster Point Location:  TBC
  • Directions: Click TBC
  • Safety / Trip Briefing: TBC hrs Convoy on the road by TBC hrs (Please ensure you arrive 15mins prior with a full tank of fuel prior to the muster start time)
  • Fuel: All attendees must have a full tank of fuel prior to Safety / Trip briefing
  • Water: Minimum 5 Litres per day per adult we also recommend carrying the same amount per child as a safety measure. Always ensure you bring enough water required for drinking & cleaning. TBC
  • Weather: The outdoors can change its conditions at any moment, be prepared for cold/ hot – dry/wet conditions
  • Bags of Firewood per Vehicle Required: TBC
  • National Park Fees: TBC
  • Camping Fees: TBC
  • Footwear: Enclosed Shoes must be worn on loose gravel surfaces. We recommend wearing boots if you have them or shoes with lots of treads the pee gravel can be slippery.
  • Private Camping Fees applicable: TBC
  • Camping suitability: TBC
  • Camping Facilities: TBC
  • Toilets: TBC
  • Food: TBC
  • Additional Costs: TBC
  • Maintenance Equipment: TBC
  • Personal Details Form:  Attendees are required to keep an up-to-date personal details form. One per person in their glove box or center console - click Here for the form.
  • Trip Leader: (Skeelsie) Mark Skeels
  • Charlie: TBC
  • Notes: (Please ensure you arrive ready with a full tank of fuel 15 minutes prior to muster start time) ***If you are running late you must inform the Trip Leader. A lot of timing is based on our trips and if you're running too late we may need to leave without you. Depending on the type of trip it may be possible to organize an alternate meeting point with the Trip Leader i.e. meet at a campsite etc. Please also note that this is not always possible for some types of trips, and if you run too late, you risk being unable to go on the trip.

Trip Overview -

The Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. is heading out to TBC

The weather could be cold & wet, so please ensure you bring wet weather gear and something warm to wear.

Attendees are advised to please ensure safety/event requirements are followed

  • Follow instructions given by the trip leader, trip leader 2IC / Charlie.
  • Carefully follow all directions given by the trip leader, trip leader 2IC / Charlie.
  • Make sure you arrive early prior to the safety/trip briefing
  • If you are not sure about something or you need assistance please radio call the Trip Leaders or Charlie for assistance
  • To ensure you are familiar with our General Rules & Convoy Procedures  click here

Disclosure -

I acknowledge that different obstacles with varying degrees of difficulty may be present at the event I have registered for.

I understand that there are usually multiple different difficulty options providing the choice of driving the least difficulty, medium difficulty, hard difficulty to the hardest difficulty.

I understand that I am responsible for my own choice of difficulty and I am responsible for ensuring that I only attempt to navigate an obstacle that I believe I have the suitable skill level to do so and that I personally feel comfortable in doing.

I understand that the Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. is supportive of members' decisions but is not responsible for the decisions chosen by members when it comes to their independent choice of track difficulty.

I understand that I must make the most appropriate choice at my own discretion and must understand that I do so at my own risk of any vehicle damage that may occur as a result.

I understand that Trip Leaders and other members of the Association will provide the best possible information & guidance assistance with navigating obstacles of choice.

I understand by registering for this event I do so at my own risk of vehicle damage and understand that I am responsible for any damage that may occur because of participating in events.

I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that I have appropriate Insurance coverage for my vehicle and if damage occurs from participating in the event, I will need to either fix the damage to my vehicle at my own expense or lodge an insurance claim with my respective insurance provider.

I understand that my vehicle may get scratched by vegetation whilst navigating tracks at events.

I acknowledge & understand that I am registering for an event that may cause damage to my vehicle and understand that by participating in this event I make no claim for damages to my vehicle and accept that I am personally accountable for any damages that may occur.

If you require further information please email

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