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Looking for an exciting new lifestyle that gets you out into nature and allows you to connect with like-minded people? Look no further than the Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc.! Our members enjoy a rewarding and fulfilling lifestyle centered around 4wdriving and camping. We believe in the values of community, family, and friendship, and we provide a welcoming and supportive environment where everyone is encouraged to get involved. Whether you are new to off-roading or have years of experience, we welcome you to join our community and explore the great outdoors with us.

Wave Rock Hyden Australia

More than Just 4WDing and Camping: Our Community

More thanJust 4WDingandCamping:Our Community


Membership Applications

Your Adventure Begins Here!

New membership applications receive a signup bonus

One free Club Polo Shirt 

Available for collection at Club Meetings!


Below is some additional information including minimum requirements for memberships.

At the bottom of the page you will find our membership application section.

The Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. holds monthly "General Meetings" at Market City Tavern every month except "December & January". 

Our meetings provide an opportunity for members to engage with other members of the club and to also engage with the Executive Board.

General Meetings are an integral part of the clubs general business where a lot of decisions are made. It provides a platform for members to find out additional information and gives members an opportunity to discuss new ideas and general business with other members and the Executive Board.

All new members wishing to attend trips outside the Perth/Peel Region are required to have -

All Terrain Tires / Fixed UHF Radio or a Hand Held UHF Radio *5 Watts* / Rated Recovery Hitch or Recovery Points / Two Rated Bow Shackles / Snatch Strap or Recovery Boards / Shovel - Long Handle is recommended / Air Compressor / Tire Deflator.

Members new to 4wdriving will be able to attend Perth/Peel Region Trips without the minimum requirements but must at least have a Hand Held UHF Radio so we can communicate with you.
Members without the minimum requirements should aim to purchase these items within the first three months of membership.

Our Club has a lot of contacts so please reach out to so we assist you with sound advice and help you to save some money in the process!

Long Trips and Remote Trips will have additional requirements such as extended fuel carrying capacity, Upgraded Suspension etc.

Minimum requirements along with camping type suitability etc. is included in all of our Event Itineraries, this ensures all of our members understand the requirements and suitability of each event


Some events will have greater difficulties and may not be suitable to your driving experience, vehicles setup or camping setup so we recommend that our members to take the time to read the event itineraries to ensure the event is suitable to them before committing to it.


If you believe that your vehicle is not suitable for a particular event or you need advice with its setup, please email our Executive Board to further discuss so we can assist you with your queries.  

New Members to receive a Bonus Sign-Up Polo Shirt.

Your Polo Shirt will be available for collection at our "General Meetings" held at Market City Tavern located at

280 Bannister Road Canning Vale meetings start at 1900hrs.

Members are welcome to arrive to the venue early to grab a meal.

 Market City Tavern has yummy food.

Arriving early gives you an additional opportunity to socialize with other members arriving early & the Executive Board always appreciates members giving a quick hand to help set up the meeting & pack it down as well.

Our club offers a wide range of Club apparel - 

  • Trucker Hats

  • Beanies

  • Polo Shirts

  • Short & Long Sleeve Work Shirts in Khaki & Black

  • Hoodies

  • Vests

  • Jackets (Weatherproof)

  • Trackie Pants

  • Large Windscreen Stickers

  • Stubby Holders

  • Coffee Mugs

*Eftpos & Cash Facilities are available at our meetings*

We regularly hold various types of raffles at our meetings so don't forget to bring some gold coins to our meetings for your chance to win!

The Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. is a very active club and we are always trying to improve our clubs events, equipment and general infrastructure therefore we do require our members to be actively engaged with our club.

All members of the Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. are required to attend a minimum of the following to maintain their active membership - 


  • Attend - Two "General Meetings" 

  • Attend - One Trip

  • Volunteer -  at one "Special Event"

"Special Events" may consist of assisting with fundraising activities such as Bunnings Sausage Sizzles a 4x4 Show or any other event deemed as a "Special Event" by the Executive Board.


Our Special Events is a really important part of our club fundraiser events assist our club greatly in being able to purchase new equipment, update or replace old equipment, purchase first aid equipment, improve the clubs infrastructure and its abilities to continue its self improvement.

Volunteering at Show Events & Fundraisers are both fun & rewarding. It provides a great opportunity for members to spread the word and recruit new members into our club & to raise funds to help improve our club.


Our club models itself on continuing to grow bigger and better every year!

The more members involved in our club helps us to achieve great things!

It also provide more experience, knowledge & diversity, so our club can continue to evolve.

*Note* Members who work FIFO or are rostered on shift, and or have special circumstances during a "Special Event" are exempt from these requirements provided the Executive Board is given notice.

*Note* Regional Members are exempt from these requirements until a Regional Sub-Branch is formed in your region. 


Regional Sub-Branches are currently in a new phase of being rolled in and we are always looking for members who can perform the role of Regional Sub-Branch Coordinator's. If you are interested in becoming a Regional Sub-Branch Coordinator please email We would love to hear from you to further discuss.

The Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc. has a registered account with Containers for Change - C10291958

We ask our members to please kindly donate 100 containers to our Containers for Change account each year.

All money raised from Containers for Change goes toward improving and maintaining our clubs first aid equipment.

So far we have managed to purchase two large first aid kits, two defibrillators and a personal location beacon. This to ensure we can keep our members safe out on our exciting events!

Our membership breaks into two different regions - 

Perth/Peel Region & Regional Memberships.

All members residing outside of the Perth/Peel Region may elect to apply for a Regional Membership


*Note to Regional Applicants*

We are offering a discounted rate whilst the club is establishing itself in regional areas. 

Our club is very committed to establishing Regional Sub-Branches if you would like to assist us in growing memberships in your area please let us know so we can assist you in this process.

Simple things such as flyers and business cards left on vehicles can assist greatly, along with word of mouth etc. Please contact the Executive Board if your are interested in helping our club grow in your region.

Family Membership and Single Memberships are set at the same price according to each regions pricing.

Family Membership is valid for Two adults in a relationship and any children under 18 years of age.
Persons with adult children wishing to join our club are required to purchase a separate Single Membership.

Family Memberships wishing to have two vehicles attend events at the same time are required to pay an additional $20.00 for their secondary vehicle for insurance and administration purposes.

Please email our Executive Board after submitting your application.

Adding a secondary vehicle is arranged separately from your online application and a separate invoice will be sent to you.

*Secondary Vehicles do not qualify for persons outside of a Family Membership*

e.g. a person on a Single Membership can not add another adult to their membership who is not their direct - spouse, husband or wife.

Single Members who later enter into a relationship qualify as a Family Membership once they have provided updated details to the Executive Board.

*Note each membership holds one valid vote per membership*

*Family Memberships wishing to hold two valid votes must pay two separate memberships*

*Only one Bonus Sign-Up Polo Shirt is included & only valid for new memberships*

*Membership Renewals do not qualify for an additional free Polo Shirts*

The Isuzu 4x4 Club of WA Inc.

Welcomes you with open arms!

Should you have any questions please contact the Executive Board at your earliest convenience to further discuss your membership application!

We look forward to sharing new and exciting adventures with you soon!

Choose your Membership Plan

  • Membership Perth Peel / Region

    Every year
    +$20 New Member Setup Fee
    12 Month Membership
    • Family of Two Adults & children under 18
    • Family with no Children under 18
    • De Facto Relationship & Children under 18
    • De Facto Relationship with no Children under 18
    • Single Members
    • Persons not in a Relationship must purchase 1 plan person
    • 12 Month Subscription
    • Free club polo shirt included with signup!
    • Access to exclusive discounts and promotions!
  • Regional Membership

    Every year
    +$20 New Member Setup Fee
    Official 12 Month Membership Available to members living outside of the Perth / Peel Region Only!
    • Family of Two Adults & children under 18 years
    • Family with no Children under 18
    • De Facto Relationship & Children under 18
    • De Facto Relationship with no Children under 18
    • Single Members
    • Persons not in a Relationship must purchase 1 plan person
    • 12 Month Membership
    • Free club polo shirt included with signup!
    • Access to exclusive discounts and promotions!

Membership Applications Automatically Renew. You can opt out of automatic renewals at any time!

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